Dartmouth Dental Practice


  • As usual very professionally undertaken and thorough check up and helpful advice. All the staff have a considerate and reassuring approach.

    Mrs H 23/09/20
  • I have always felt confident of the care and attention I receive at Dartmouth dental practice. My recent surgical extraction of a broken tooth went well and a few days later had a bridge fitted. My mouth was very sore for a period of time but is healing well. Thank you and especially thankful for all you have to do to keep us safe with the Covid-19 strictures.

    Mrs F 23/09/20
  • I have always felt that I have been carefully, courteously and well treated at the practice.. In the current situation I also felt quite safe.

    Mrs M 21/09/20
  • As ever I received careful, considerate and thoroughly professional care. I have every confidence in my dentist and in the precautions she is taking in the current circumstances.

    Mrs D 21/09/20
  • Very efficient and effective thank you inspire of the Covid difficulties

    Mr S 21/09/20
  • As always I was very satisfied WITH THE TREATMENT AND WELCOME I received.

    Mrs M 21/09/20
  • Excellent service - great team

    Mr H 21/09/20
  • Superb in every way.

    Mr H 21/09/20
  • Fantastic care and wonderful treatment, thank you

    Mrs L 14/08/20
  • What a lovely dental practice . I was on holiday and had issues with an upper molar . Marion and the team were so accommodating and helped me by swapping their other local patients appointments . I can only give them an absolutely outstanding review . The only regret is that I wish I lived in Dartmouth !!!

    Mr K 10/08/20